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The Time Preserve team

The Time Preserve is the first company to successfully gold-plate the Apple Watch™. Along with our partners at Artisan Plating(Metal Arts Specialties), the Time Preserve is able to properly and accurately plate any Stainless Steel Apple Watch—and match Apple’s color specifications for both yellow and rose gold. No other gold plater can say that.

We also offer something no other gold plater can offer—a two year guarantee on our Apple Watch plating (1 year for bands). It will not peel, blister, chip, discolor, or wear through. Our competitors may be a little cheaper, but there’s a good reason—their plating is only guaranteed for 30 days.

We have 20 years’ experience in providing custom watch restoration services for fine watches, their movements and cases. We restore both vintage and modern watches having the brand names of Rolex®, Omega®, Cartier®, IWC®, Breitling®, Panerai®, and Apple® to name just a few. We know what it takes to produce a quality finish that lasts and lasts. We can also remove existing scratches from your watch for a nominal fee prior to plating so that the scratches will be completely gone.

We also offer a wide range of finishes which are unique to our company.

What Makes The Time Preserve Different From the Rest?

1. Only we can match the exact Apple Edition Colors. We don’t use Brush Plating. Brush plating—which is being done by others—cannot match the Apple Edition colors, including Rose Gold. Our names for them are:

  1. Aura Cupertino for the Yellow 18k Apple Edition Gold
  2. Rosa Cupertino for the Rose 18k Apple Edition Gold

2. Only we can provide a durable hard layer of real gold that meets the thickness of the ISO3160 standard for luxury watch plating. Brush plating chemistry cannot even match one half the thickness of this standard.

3. We have been restoring fine watch movements and watch cases for 20 years. We know what it takes to produce long-lasting quality. Brush plating used by others requires a nickel underplate which can result in residual stresses, peeling, and blistering, of the outer gold layer. Nickel can also produce a skin rash in many people. We don’t use any nickel in our process.

4. We offer a 2 year guarantee against peeling, blistering and fading (1 year for bands). Brush plating will fade over a few months and result in a brownish appearance. Our plating is completely stable and remains bright.

5. We treat your watch as the fine jewelry piece it is, not as an Apple iPhone Accessory.

6. We have validated our processes, and chemicals to insure complete safety and effectiveness for your Apple Watch. We do not use any hazardous chemicals or high temperatures in our process.

7. Should your watch or band have scratches, we can remove them prior to the plating process so that they will no longer be there.

8. Only we can provide the Cupertino Family of unique and exciting metal plated finishes for your Apple Watch such as:

  • Blanca Cupertino: The exact finish used in White Gold Jewelry, but much thicker.
  • Noir Cupertino: A stealthy dark gray look similar to black chrome – Dark Ruthenium.
  • Platina Cupertino: Real Platinum Plating for your Apple Watch.

Ask about our other exotic finishes.

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