Milanese Loop Band on Aura Gold-Plated Apple Watches™

We can precisely match any Apple gold color specification

Aura Cupertino™: Aura Gold Plated Apple Watches precisely match the 18kt Yellow Gold Apple Edition.

We are the only company plating Apple’s Milanese Loop.

It is far more difficult to plate than any other band, which is why you won’t see other platers offering it or showing pictures of it done. In fact, the pictures we’ve seen on other sites are either directly stolen from—or from our site!

Our Aura Cupertino™ Gold is a perfect match to the Apple Watch Edition 18k yellow gold because we have carefully benchmarked genuine Apple Edition Watches. Our process is tightly controlled to give consistent results every time. If you have your a new band plated weeks later than your watch, you can be assured of a color match.  If you have an Apple Edition 18k yellow gold watch and want a band plated to match you can be assured it will. We also offer a two-year guarantee on all of our finishes to insure a lifetime of durability and beauty (1 year on bands).

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