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A Cheap (But Risky) Way to Gold-Plate Your Apple Watch

“They started months before the Watch was released, meticulously analyzing even the smallest announcement, leak, rumor, or photo. Vinson and Schult focused on creating an exact color match for the Apple Watch Edition, which is slightly paler than yellow gold due to Apple’s use of an alloy that includes 18 karat gold, silver and palladium.”

Mac Rumors

Gold Plating Your Apple Watch is Possible Without Spending a Fortune

“Watch restoration specialist The Time Preserve recently announced that it is accepting gold plating orders for the stainless steel Apple Watch. The company, which has been restoring watches since 1995, uses custom-formulated gold electroplating for durability, and ensures that the 5 to 6 microns thick plating will not peel from daily wear. Prices range from $550 to $650, with cheaper prices for bands only, and the service has an estimated one-week turnaround.”

Cult of Mac

World's First Gold-Plated Apple Watch Looks Just Like a Real Edition

“The Time Preserve watch restoration company promises to match the exact yellow and rose color tones of Jony Ive’s custom gold, thanks to custom-formulated gold electroplating. It’s not as cheap as a can of gold spray point, but for just $650, they’ll add a 5 to 6 micron-thick coat of gold to any Apple Watch with the Leather, Modern Buckle, or Sport band.”

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This Service Will Turn Your Steel Apple Watch Into Gold Edition

The Time Preserve, a company that plies its trade in restoring watches, has created an electroplating system that, it claims, precisely matches the rose gold color of the Apple Watch Edition. More than a lick of gold spray paint, this is a professional solution for those partial to the more grandiose flavors of the Cupertino wearable but without the bank balance to shell out $10,000 or more, and while the starting price of $650 for the gold plating is still quite steep, it’s a considerable stretch cheaper than what Apple is asking for.”


A Gold Plated Apple Watch Will Only Set You Back $650

The Time Preserve claims they can match the “same yellow and rose color tones of the Solid Gold Apple watches” for only $650. They also claim that their electroplating service will provide exceptional durability.”


Jewellers gold-plate the Apple Watch for a lot less than $22K

“Similarly, the Time Preserve in Waterford, Mich., offers 18-karat gold Apple Watch plating services starting at about $550 U.S. with a turnaround time of one week.”

Actualidad Watch

Nuestro Apple Watch de acero inoxidable puede chaparse en oro para conseguir un efecto Edition por 650 dólares

“Por último, The Time Preserve ofrece un catálogo de diferentes materiales en los que podemos chapar nuestro Apple Watch como rodio, platino, paladio o rutenio, todos ellos libres de níquel e hipoalergénico. Desde luego, nosotros os recomendamos poner vuestro Watch en manos de estos profesionales antes que acudir a métodos menos ortodoxos como un proceso de anodización casero intentando convertir el modelo Sport en el Edition. ¿El resultado? Podéis verlo en el vídeo que os dejamos justo aquí arriba.”

Apple má zlevnit zlaté hodinky na desetinu. Budou na zlato jen natřené Zdroj

Zlaté Watch levněji už dnes

Někteří uživatelé se rozhodli nečekat a své Watch s ocelovým pouzdrem svěřili klenotníkům, kteří jsou schopni ocel pozlatit. Kupříkladu firma The Time Preserve nabízí napaření 5 až 6mikronové vrstvy na samotné hodinky od 450 dolarů (asi 11 200 Kč). Pozlacení pouzdra a spony řemínku vyjde na 550 dolarů (13 700 korun). 

Ocelové Apple Watch s nanesenou zlacenou vrstvouOcelové Apple Watch s nanesenou zlacenou vrstvou 

Zlacení samotné spony stojí 100 dolarů a pokud si klient vybere zlacení hodinek na tahu, bude chudší o 825 dolarů (asi 20 600 korun). To sice nejsou zanedbatelné investice, přesto vyjdou oproti luxusním Watch Edition přibližně na desetinu: 549 dolarů ocelové Watch na řemínku plus 550 dolarů zlacení. Společnost na povrchovou úpravu dává dvouletou záruku.